Question Help new monitor problem!!


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Please help Just tried to set up my brand new monitor and i get a little black shadow in corner!
Its a predator z271 and is connected via display port but the shadow is there via hdmi aswell!
Its really annoying and i don't have a clue if its faulty or a setting that needs adjusting,anybody got any ideas before i return it back to scan.
Thanks in advance for any help


Chris Muriel

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Looks like a screen fault.
Have you got anything else that you can connect via the HDMI port that doesn't involve a PC or gaming box ?
A digital camera (video or still) , phone, tablet, Sky, Virgin or Freeview box with HDMI output would be typical examples.
This is to see if the same shadow still appears under all conditions of input.


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Thanks mate tried that and still there so its going back !!just a shame they haven't got a replacement in stock!
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