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I've hopefully got a Onkyo Pro PR-SC885 processor coming from the US today, but I've no transformer.
Will one of these do the job OK?...........

I'll get one today if you say yes, if not I'll have to wait to get one of those power bright ones by post mentioned in the Integra thread

I know I posted this in another thread, but I really do need to get one today

I really need to know today :lease:

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Assuming you're looking at the VR05F, it should be fine.

Onkyo quote the processor as 120v 1.1A, which equates to 132w. The model above is spec'd to 300w.

As to whether it's the cleanest converter of power, I have no idea.



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It's done now anyway, I've sent the GF to Maplins with a shopping list.
Gutted, I'm at work till 7PM, so I won't chance till try it till later :(

Thanks for the advice :smashin:

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