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I've got a really stupid question to ask:oops:. I've only just got round to setting up my sub (I've had the thing in storage since 1998 and can't find the instructions.Because I'm a lazy ****** I got someone else to set up my system for me so I really have no idea what I'm doing.What I wanted to know was what settings should I have.
The sub in question is an MK V125 I have it connected from the receivers output into the Left/mono on the sub. Bass level ranges from -6 to +9(I have it set to level) There is a switch for phase with + or - (I'm set at -) there is another switch for Variable or Bypass (I'm set on Bypass) and lastly a dial for low pass filter with settings ranging from 50/60/75/100/125 (I have it on 75). Could someone please point me in the right direction.:lease:


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Thanks Skinnyfat
I really should know all this I've been really lazy in the past and got the first system installed by the dealer and the last one set up by a friend from work while I sat on my a** drinking coffee. I need to get more involved and more importantly "READ THE MANUAL" that comes with the stuff:oops:




It will prolly take a while and experimenting with a few positions to get it dead right. A common practice to find the best location for your sub is to put the sub in the listening position and then walk slowly around the room until you find the 'sweet spot' where the bass sounds best to you. When you find this spot, put your sub there (or as close to it as you can get)


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I'm almost in two minds whether to get a new sub,this one is 10 years old but has been in storage for well over half of that time and is in really good unmarked condition. I've noticed that most people on the forums seem to have Velodyne subs and they seem to swear by them so I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do I get a more modern Velodyne or do I stick with the MK?. I suppose that's the problem with these forums, you look at other peoples kit and their designated cinema rooms and you're never satisfied with your own:)

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