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Hi all. This is a great resource.

I'm a personal trainer wanting to post my own streaming videos on my training website. My problems are: 1. I don't have a camcorder; 2. I don't have editing software; 3. I don't know where to start with tackling problems 1 and 2. :rolleyes:

The videos don't have to be of professional quality as I'll have to shrink them for use over the internet and they'll probably end up slightly pixelated when they're expanded (not a big deal - they're instructional videos, but I don't want them shoddy-looking at a small file size).

I'm a super fast learner so the idea of learning a camera and the editing software isn't overwhelming but sifting through all the info on each to get what I need is. So my questions are:

1. What camera would best suit my needs of shooting good-quality indoor and outdoor instructional videos with a wireless mic (and also possibly used for interviews as well)? Price isn't too much of a concern but I don't need all the extras a pro needs (and so don't need to pay for them - I'll lean towards more of a basic camera), but need a bit more than home video use. ;

2. What editing software would be good to use? All I need is to edit segments together, possibly put music over top, maybe have some flashy intro or something. (Again, I pick up software really quickly and I'm shopping for a new computer so i may go for a mac if I end up using fcp).

Thanks for any suggestions/advice! :)
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