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Last week my 360 died. I have just recieved it back and have gone through the process of retrieving my gamertag etc. (I had to send my 360 and my HD as it needed formatting. On its return all my game saves etc had been lost. I was expecting this.)

My son has just put in Topspin 2 but it is refusing to play it saying that the current setting of PAL 50 needs to be changed to PAL 60. I went to console settings and it says that the console/tv is set to 720p and that it is at PAL 60, and yet the game says we are on PAL 50. Prior to my 360s sad death the game was working fine and my son was progressing up the ranks.

In the TS2 manual it says go to the System blade, select display, select PAL settings and then choose PAL 60.

In the Display section there is no PAL settings?
Can anyone suggest an answer to this problem.


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you have to plug it into the TV with a SD cable go to console settings change it to pal-60 then plug it back in by HD then it should work


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Thanks mate. It's now working.

Much appreciated.

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Remember to always check the faq, its your friend :)

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