Hi everyone! :)

I need some advice when choosing an amplifier, speakers and CD player.
I'd like to ask you for suggestions for specific sets that you think will work well together.

I would describe the sound that would like to achieve as: warm, but rather dynamic, full, with a pleasant, not rumbling punch, a clear midrange and not tiring treble.

The music will be played from the mentioned CD, laptop (FLAC) and turntable, I don't use any spotify, tidals or similar gadgets, Bluetooth would be a nice convenience from time to time, but it is not necessary.

As for the genre of music it will be mainly the golden era of US rap, so things from the 90s and 00s, a bit of black blues, soul, funk, from time to time a little harder rock.

The budget I plan to spend is around £ 1,000, but I'm willing to stretch it a bit if it's money well spent.

The room is a typical living room in a block of flats (approx. 15 m2), TV, table, sofa, bookcases, no curtains in the windows, floor - wood/carpet (50/50), so I would describe the acoustic conditions as average.

Anticipating a few comments yes, I am going to listen to potential choices as much as possible and not buy anything blindly, but I would like to know which way to look, what to look for and what to pay attention to.

Thanks in advance!


the golden era of US rap
Well that's me out. Didn't even know rap had a golden era.......... :)

Wanting a warm sound within a limited budget sounds ideal for the Marantz pm6007 and cd6007 combination, but that would squeeze you on the speaker part of the budget. You've been a bit unclear about speakers as to wanting standmounts or bigger floorstanding speakers and to help in that a diagram with dimensions of your room would always be helpful.

Other combinations would perhaps be the Denon PMA600 and the corresponding DCD600 CD player, cheaper than the Marantz pairing and although still on the warm side perhaps a little bit more forward than the Marantz.

I mention going for the same makes simply because it makes sense to go to one dealer in order to try and trash out a deal, especially if you go for speakers as well. Could save you 10% on your budget and have some speaker wire or interconnects thrown in.

If you really want to get the best bang for your buck then the secondary market is the place to look but comes with the risk of no warranty on electrical goods, not so much of a risk with speakers though.


Hi Gibbsy, thanks for your reply :)

The room measures approximately 4.5 x 3.5. The speakers will be placed against the long wall, opposite the listening position. As for the speakers, both floorstanding and standmounts are an option and I have no particular preferences here.

This Marantz looks interesting and as I mentioned, I am able to exceed the budget a bit, for example by 200-300 not to leave the speakers behind ;)
What do you think about NAD amplifiers? I hear they are also quite warm.

I've also heard different opinions about choosing speakers and an amplifier so that one should be warm, and the other brighter, I would like to know your opinion, should I look for warm amp and brighter speakers, or the other way around?


Both Denon and Marantz will partner a great many makes of speakers. I've not listened to any NADs that I can remember. I have a Rega amp and with the size of your room the Brio would be a good fit. More expensive than either Marantz or Denon as well as entry point NADs the Brio will bring a lot more excitement. Main drawback with the Regas are that they are pure analogue amps and so all connections would need to have their own built in DACs.

As for matching speakers with amps then there are makes, Dalis for instance, would need careful matching as they can be very forward and a Marantz amp would help curtain some of that brightness. I match my Rega with KEF speakers and KEF also match well with Denon and I would expect the same of NAD and Marantz. Other makes that offer good matching would be Tannoy, Monitor Audio or Q Acoustics.

Speakers and amps though are very subjective and somewhat personal. A combination I recommend might have you thinking just what is the old fart on about. So auditioning is absolutely essential. The amps I've mentioned I've had experience with as with as I have with most of those speaker manufacturers.

I throw this set up at you but it's over your stated budget.



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Wanting a warm sound within a limited budget sounds ideal for the Marantz pm6007 and cd6007 combination, but that would squeeze you on the speaker part of the budget.
As above, plus the QA Concept 20 (A crazy bargain at the mo) would really hit the brief.



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CD player, amp and speakers for £1000-1200 means your options are enormous. Couple of things you might consider. If you’re speakers are firing across the room, they will realistically be about 2.5 metres from your listening position; therefore, standmounts are the way to go. Floorstanders could be too boomy that close. Up to you, though. Secondly, choose your speakers first and then the right amp to drive them, not the other way round.
if you’re buying new, wait until you can get out and listen. You could go used and get more for your money, but no real chance of an audition.

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