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I have a wee problem and jut wondered if there was a way round it?

I have Ps3, virgin and apple tv connected to my onkyo reciever.

How can I play on ps3 and still listen to music through my kefs?

The simplest way would be to plug my ps3 into the 2nd hdmi port on tv but just wondered if I could try something different.

Greg Hook

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Which Onkyo is it?

Are you asking if you can play the PS3 through the receiver and still listen to music through the same receiver? If so, that's a no. You can't have two things playing at the same time.

The easiest option is what you suggested yourself. Connect the PS3 directly to the TV, but then of course you will lose the surround sound, although if you want music playing at the same time anyway, I doubt that will be much of a loss.


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Yeah I wondered if I could use the reciever just process video for ps3 and audio for apple tv.
I'll buy a longer hdmi cable

Greg Hook

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Like a HDMI pass through for video only?

I'm not sure about that, what model is the Onkyo?


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It's the sr508, sorry :blush:
You can do it, but its a PITA to implement. You have to assign the audio source you want playing to the HDMI video source you want to watch and this can only be done via an amps main settings. There's not a button you can press to simply implement it and it is easier to simply connect your video source directly to your display and then just play your alternative audio source via your amp.


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I seem to remember with my old 605 that if you switched from a video source to an analogue audio only source (eg CD) it kept outputting video, but I can't check this for certain as I've just swapped for a Yamaha. In which case does the Apple box have analogue audio out?


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I will have a look at the settings just out of curiosity but plugging direct into tv Is the easiest option.
Mrs moans that music or ambience music is crap on games like AC etc.
Or I could a zeppelin :cool:

Thanks everyone

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