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Hi everyone,

Today I noticed my left XTZ Spirit 2 has very noticeable vibrations when playing some of the mids.

I have made a video with my phone (and sent it to XTZ support), the audio quality is obviously not great since it picks up all the other sounds, but I believe you can still notice the vibrations I am talking about, especially at the beginning of the video:

Some extra info:
  • I've had the speakers since April 2018
  • I always play my media at 55-65 volume, so I never really stressed the system
  • I usually have the grids on, but as you can see from the video the vibration stays even with grids off
  • I tried lifting the speaker and putting it at different angles. Vibration is still there
  • This happens exclusively on my left speaker
As I already mentioned I already reached out to XTZ, but in the meantime I wnated to know if any of you had similar experiences.
I am wondering if any of you can think of a diy test/solution to this issue, it might not sound really loud, but it's enough for me to notice it during playback, making it very painful to enjoy any form of media.


UPDATE: If I put the speaker flat on its side (rather than vertical), I get no vibration!
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First thing to do is swap the left speaker with the right to see if it still makes the vibration in the left or right channel.

If it's in the left after swapping over the speakers it's not the speaker but the amplifier possibly.

I did have an issue a few years back with one of my XTZ Cinema S5 surrounds which would have a vibration in the woofer at certain frequencies. I contacted the dealer and explained the issue and provided an audio recording of the problem and XTZ provided me with a new driver to replace the faulty one.

When I had my vibration problem it came from the main front facing driver and you could tell easily by putting your ear up fairly close and playing a track with the frequencies that seemed to excite the buzz/vibration. The first thing suggested was to make sure all the screws that held the driver in were fully tight. In my case they were so that eliminated the possibility that something had worked loose.

Does your vibration only come from the back of the speaker from the terminals or can it be heard at the front from one of the drivers.


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Thanks for the input, I will do some test. I just updated the original post by mentioning that I just found out that if I put the speaker flat on its side I get no vibration, so I am guessing it is, indeed, an issue with the speaker. I will still try and swap them out, just to be safe.


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Ok, swapped the speakers and the vibration comes from the same speaker as before (now on the right).

The vibration is a lot more pronounced when you get closer to the speaker, and even more if you go behind it (mostly because it doesn't get as muffled from the sound playing)


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Sounds like something inside may be causing the problem, maybe something is loose and with it lying flat it reduces or stops the vibration.

See what XTZ say and if they can't help maybe check the screws holding the panel which the speaker connections are in to see if they are fully tight. If that does no good you may have to take the driver out and then while it's still attached to the wires play something and see if the vibration can be heard and as you can see inside the speaker identify precisely where the vibration is coming from.


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Just posting an update here: XTZ replied after 1 day, and they instantly sent me a new Spirit 2, no questions asked. I am obviously in the process of sending back the one that had the issue.

I am genuinely impressed, and that's one sure reason I know I will stick to XTZ in the future.

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