Help needed with V+ multiroom setup.


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Hi folks,

This is my first post here but I have been lurking for a few weeks looking at some of the amazing set-ups people have created. :smashin:

After having V+ or TVDrive from a week after it was launched and a ps3 for 12 months I am finally upgrading my TV to HD. I have a Sony KDL-40W5500 on order which should be here in about a week and am just trying to work out how to connect it up.

This is my current set-up.

The way this is rigged allows me to stream media from my PC to my PS3 through my V+ box and out to all TV's in my house and also allows them all to receive Freeview.

The problem I have is that when I switch on HDMI output on my PS3 I am unable to Pass media through my V+ and out to the rest of the house. However if I leave the PS3 in Scart mode and switch on HDMI output on the V+ box it disables the coaxial output. I am looking for a solution which doesn't involve me switching the outputs continuously.

I use the PS3 to stream media to my bedroom at least once a day so don't want to loose the ability.

I have had a search on the net and on the forum but because I'm not really sure what i'm looking for I haven't got very far.:blush:

Hope someone can help.:lease:

Many thanks


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Can you explain the cabling and distribution in more detail? I am not familiar with V+ but presumably you are distributing it over RF via coax, similar to sky box RF2 output? Edit, the picture didn't appear earlier but I can see you're using RF.

I don't think you can do what you want as, as soon as you activate HDMI on the PS3 it disables the other AV outputs. It only outputs over whatever connection is selected by you. Mixing old and new tech usually does run into complications!

Edit The V+ forum might be a better place if it is disabling the RF output when you activate HDMI but as I said, I don't think it will work the way you want from the PS3.
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Thanks for your reply Dave, I thought that may be the case. The cabeling was actually put in for Sky with a Magic Eye in the bedroom but I changed to Virgin after some thieving swine stole my dish in the middle of the night. Yes people will steal anything lol.:eek:

Is there such a thing as a 'down-scaler' that would allow be to convert the HDMI to RF. Failing that the only other ideas I can come up with are to use a separate media streaming device for the bedroom or to buy a Harmony remote and set up an activity to switch between HDMI and RF/Scart automatically to streamline the task.

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