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Help needed with upload strength


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hi there,

basically i had fine internet off virgin for a while have the standard 10meg fibre optic package i think it is, but two weeks ago that all changed. i have been on the phone to them and the result was changing the channel my router was on from 6 to 1 which was shown to affect some download routine the technician had me doing.

the problem is my upload is awful, i have a friend who lives two streets away and we tested each of ours at the same time his was 0.49MB/s and mine was 0.06MB/s.

i thought there may have been a lot of electrical interference where the router was so i have moved it too a different room with no electronics in it near the ceiling

still my upload is awful the best i can get nowdays is about 0.15MB/s in the middle of the night 0.5MB/s is what i should be getting

anyone got any advice to what i should do???


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It probs is still a virgin thing, my download speed is ace all the time though 9.8MB/s which is what makes it weird to me,

might be worth a shot trying another router though used to have a spare one but ive left it at home (im a student), but it dnt make sense that it'd work for DL and not for UL does it?

just so costly ringing when youve only got mobiles.... if emailed on the off shot theyll get back to me at sum point


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Take the router out of the loop and see what you get.

Here's a perfectly good 10 Mb connection, so yes, 0.5 up is about it.

So I assume you're living in a student area?

I know the student areas in Birmingham are a nightmare for speed, as all the students tend to pile on at the same time.

It is strange how you're getting good download speed though.


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It is strange how you're getting good download speed though.

aye this is the strangest part to me..

it is a student area there are some issues with rush hour but i can live with it and like i say my mate in the same area has it perfect... i get full signal from next door, im half tempted to knock on there door and see if i can get them to move it incase its interfering lol

i havnt tested upload with an ethernet attached so i might well try that but logistically i just cant take the router out the equation with other flat mates, gaming and proximity to sockets...



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You are testing while no-one else is using the connection aren't you?
Otherwise they might be hogging everything.

And you're not doing anything else at the same time, I take it?


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Another thought.

Is your network secured?

It just occurred that someone else might be using your connection.

Doubtful, but you never know.


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nah mate its all secured i even changed the network name so it logged my two housemates laptops and my ps3 leaving just my laptop. im going to ethernet it now and see what speeds i get, maybe try a mates router tomoro but it just dont make sense to me


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thats my result with wireless disabled on laptop and ethernet applied at midgnight lol soo bad

that must mean its not my router right???


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It's not your router :)

Do you know how to get onto the modem config page?

I'm guessing there might be a signal problem.

If it's the little black Ambit 256 modem, go here;

You might need to login with username and password = root

Cut and paste the signal strength etc.


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i know how to access my router which is, username is virgin and password is password

i am aware that is not what your on about though the modem itself is a little black ambit with 256 on 10v thing,

is root the user name or password? and if its one of the bits do you know the other?

EDIT: just found a link online informing me that it is root for both
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forgive this post for being so large but i am not sure which details your specifically after

Cable Modem StatusItemStatusComments
Acquire a Downstream Channel315000000 HzLocked
Connectivity State OK Operational
Boot State OK Operational

Cable Modem Downstream
Downstream Lock :
Downstream Channel Id :
Downstream Frequency : 315000000 Hz[
SIZE=2]Downstream Modulation : [/SIZE]QAM256
Downstream Symbol Rate : 6952 Ksym/sec[
SIZE=2]Downstream Interleave Depth : [/SIZE]taps12Increment17
Downstream Receive Power Level : 2.5 dBmV
Downstream SNR : 38.2 dB

Cable Modem Upstream
Upstream Lock : Locked
Upstream Channel ID :
Upstream Frequency : 37500000 Hz
Upstream Modulation : QAM16
Upstream Symbol Rate : 2560 Ksym/sec
Upstream transmit Power Level : 46.0 dBmV
Upstream Mini-Slot Size : 2

Cable Modem Upstream BurstReq
Init Maint
Per Maint
Short Data
Long Data

Modulation TypeQPSK QPSK QPSK 16QAM 16QAM Differential EncodingOff Off Off Off Off Preamble Length36232232128128Preamble Value Offset24466504504FEC Error Correction (T)05549FEC Codeword Information Bytes (k)16343476232Scrambler Seed338338338338338Maximum Burst Size00070Guard Time Size2248482222Last Codeword LengthFixed Fixed Fixed Short Short Scrambler on/offOn On On On On

Cable Modem Operation Configuration
Network Access : Allowed
Maximum Downstream Data Rate : 10240000
Maximum Upstream Data Rate : 512000
Maximum Upstream Channel Burst : 1600
Maximum Number of CPEs : 1
Modem Capability : Concatenation Enabled, Fragametation Enabled, PHS Enabled

That is all the data availible on there apart from my event log which im not sure you need (along with all that stuff) but it wasa bit long

i notice it is possible to reset my modem to default settings (not that it has knowingly been changed) would this be advised??

also from this i notice that the upstream of the modem has a channel, do you know if this is similar to the way channels on a router work?? if so then could potential other customers in the area be using this channel and taking my upstream???
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Well, I'm no expert, but I can't see anything wrong there.

Ok, to save you phone calls and get you a better service, I'd advise you get on to the newsgroup support forum.

You'll have to set up the newsgroup via your mail client or whatever, but the server is news.virginmedia.com.
The group you need to subscribe to is virgin.support.broadband.cable.

They are way better than the people on the phone and have remote tools so they can look at your connection :smashin:

Send them a message and they'll sort you out ;)


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also from this i notice that the upstream of the modem has a channel, do you know if this is similar to the way channels on a router work?? if so then could potential other customers in the area be using this channel and taking my upstream???

I missed this.
You used to be able to change that yourself, but you can't now.
Those channels are shared out by VM, so you would assume they're spread out pretty evenly.

But, no it's not like a router in the sense that they can clash.


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no worries matey thanks very much for all the advice, ill get on to them,

allready got two fault emails in the pipeline cause then theyll ring me up and i dont have to remain on hold

i think it will be one of these mysterious things that one day just resolves itself in the same way itjust decided to be awful one day,

if i find out how to resolve it ill post it up incase ne1 else experiences a similar thing


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if i find out how to resolve it ill post it up incase ne1 else experiences a similar thing

Yes, please do.

I'd highly recommend the newsgroup though. They're the mutts :smashin:


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once you have added the group it says that it has been added to the que and will appear on the service within the hour??

does this mean someone i can chat with will pop up? or do i need to keep searching the name of the group as a web page? is there some kind of chat server to find sumwhere? this is all a bit new to me

Edit: i have found the breakdown i Newsgroups on virgin website i believe
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That's something else. It's not listed on the Virgin news server.

I use Mozilla Thunderbird, so can't comment on anything else, but it's more like sending and receiving E-mails except it's public. A bit like these forums, I guess. They're out of hours now, as they finish at 10 pm.

Info here;

Newsgroups - My Virgin Media - Virgin Media

And it's definitely the newsgroup I gave you :smashin:


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yeah i have removed that part of my previous post so as not to confuse anyone who might read this,

think ive hit a pretty solid brick wall though trying to download the actual newsgroup, im going through all the steps correctly and i have activated the relevant server through the virgin newsgroup tools but when i am entering the name of the newsgroup virgin.support.broadband.cable in my email newsgroups section it cannot find the server to download the newsgroup i have tried typing it in as virginmedia.support.broadband.cable also

i am able to downloand news.virgin.com newsgroup in the search so i tried putting all derivatives news. & .com either side of the relevant newsgroup name but to no avail no surver can be found to download, i dont believe downloading these survers requires the NNTP username and password??

im going to try again tomoro anyway seems like a real useful tool though, bedtime for me cheers for putting up with me lol
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Here's a list of the VM newsgroups;

Listings - Newsgroups - Virgin Media

You'll see the one I gave you listed.

How are you trying to access them?

You need a client.

You can do it in Outlook Express and Windows mail (crap) but I'd recommend Mozilla Thunderbird.
If you D/L that, when you first run it, it gives you an easy setup jobby.


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i think im gonna have to give up with newsgroups for now, id found that list before

ive set up about 4 different types of email account put them through outlook express and even when there accepted it cannot download the newsgroup

i have also downloaded thunderbird and tried it through that, it does seem the better package but in both cases it can just never connect to the server


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lol!!!:rotfl: this is going to seem ridiculously noobish but i worked out my newsgroup problem,

when i was searching for the newsgroup it could never connect to server this is becasue i thought i was meant to be searching for virginmedia.support.broadband.cable but what i needed to do was search news.virginmedia.com and download that from the server first then you simply select the newsgroup from within the subsection titled virginmedia within this, so ive posted to them and will now await my reply!


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well they have got back to me and i must say it does seem like a very usefull system so thank yo very much for the reccomendation and all, the answer is dum dum duhhh!!!

there is an issue in my area with upstream utilisation?!.. there investigating

shame none of the staff on the end of a phone could have told me that earlier... so what can i do about it... nothing but sit and wait :clap: :clap:for virgin, not got a time scale on when it could be sorted or nething

ah well at least i know what it is, no point in buying a HD TV for gaming any time soon then cause itll be bloomin useless!

cheers agiain id never have known if it wasnt for your help :D
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shame none of the staff on the end of a phone could have told me that earlier

Yes it is, but I believe they don't have the required tools.
It would seem their job is to fend off the much more likely instances of "it doesn't work because you haven't turned your computer on" type of occasions.

Well, you know what I mean :)

But as you say, at least you know what the problem is.

I'm not sure, but they might have given you a ticket no.
If they haven't, get back in touch and get one.

Then phone up VM demanding (nicely) an ongoing reduction in your charge until it's sorted out, on the grounds you're not getting what you're paying for, quoting that ticket no.

Then I'd give it a couple of months and if it's not sorted, ask the question again etc etc.

Basically, stay on their case.

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