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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by hi_robb, Jun 15, 2003.

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    I have a Sony KD32NX200 and recently bought a Sony DAV-S550 DVD system on the cheap, however I'm a bit confused on how I should connect the DVD to the TV.

    The DAV-S550 has the following outputs on the back


    The Tv has the following inputs.

    3 X Scart (2 are RGB and 1 is Euro or Svideo)
    1 x Svideo (on the front)

    At the mo I'm using Svideo to conenct the DVD to the TV and the picture is ok. However, I have read that the Svideo out on the DVD isn't the best quality sony have ever done and that the picture is improved quite a bit by using the component out.

    Now the component out on the DVD uses 3 phono type cables all of which are video. However my TV doens't have component inputs on the back. However, the component outputs on the DVD player are labeled RGB, and I know my Tv can accept RGB via scart.

    If I bought a Component to Scart cable, would this work and would I get a picture? I'm very confused as some sites say component is RGB some say tis another better form of Svideo.

    I don't really want to waste 50 quid or whatever on a cable to find it won't work.

    Help please guys / girls.

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    May 22, 2003
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    Hi davey,

    I'm afraid that the best quality signal you can use with your current setup is s-video. Your dvd player will only output component from its' component outputs, but the 32nx200 will not accept component. The tv will accept RGB, but unfortunately the dvd player cannot output this signal.

    Some dvd players can be configured to output both component and RGB from the phono outputs, but this tends to be limited to very expensive high end manufacturers, and to my knowledge this feature hasn't yet been included on any Sony model.

    I would be surprised though if the s-video output on your dvd player wasn't very good, as i've seen the s-video picture on about seven different players from different manufacturers, and have always found the standard to be very high. It is a slight drop from RGB, but the difference is very subtle on a properly setup display.



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