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Question Help needed with Sky Q and optima projector


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I have my sky q connected To my Marantz 6011, I'm using a Samsung 4k hdcp compliant tv as one of the monitors, using a hmdi splitter going into the amps monitor 1, I also have my optoma hd 180x projector connected.

Everything works fine on the projector Xbox one s, and everything else. But I can't play my sky q on the projector all i get is a blank screen, cant be the hdmi cable as i would not get an image from the xbox one on the projector so not sure what to do

This is the splitter I'm using

DIZA100 HDMI 2.0 Splitter 1x2 1 Input 2 Outputs with: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Thanks for your advice in advance

Kind regards



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Try putting sky picture to 1080p.and you will get a picture I have the same problem sky don't seem to work with 4ktv and 1080 pj


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I had this issue when I went to SkyQ from Virgin. My Onkyo TX NR 1009 upscales to 2160 but doesnt pass through so i couldnt run my new 4K tv through the amp. I purchased a UHD hdmi splitter that was hdcp 2.2 compliant to put SkyQ in to and send one signal to the TV and another to the amp. As Huntix says the only way is change SkyQ setting to 1080p when using the PJ. It's a pain as you have to change back after PJ use. I used to run the Virgin in to the amp then out to my tv and PJ. But moving from 1080p tv stuffed everything up. I now only use my amp for PJ sound now. I spent about 7 hours discovering all this. If had hair it would have been pulled out!


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Hi all,
Thanks got it working now someone told me to use this short cut on the sky remote
Press Home
The type 1080 then home again the sky box will default to 1080p then magic the projector works with Sky Q

Thanks huntix for the reply


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Just to let you know you've posted this in the wrong section! It's for showcasing setups.

You still got your answers though by the look of it.

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