Help needed with scart to component cables


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I have just acquired a Sony STR-DA2400ES receiver and I have a Topfield TF5800 PVR. The receiver has the ability to convert component and composite video to HMDI but I’m a little confused as to what I can do with the kit I have.

The Topfield has composite and Scart out but no component. This link shows the back panel:
TF5800 online manual

I’ve heard composite is crap so I’d like to be able to use the component inputs on the receiver but obviously I don’t have a component out on the Topfield so I want to know if I can use these cables to convert the signal to the receiver:

Scart to 3 RCA Phono RGB video cable 1.5M gold plated plugs OFC component

I’ve heard that you need a converter box to convert Scart to component so I'm not sure if these cables will work. The manual of the receiver shows how it can convert to HDMI on page 32 here:

The component sockets are red, green and blue like the cables so it looks like it would work but goes against everything I've read so far.

Any help greatly appreciated.
You would have to check if the Topfield outputs RGB via its scart output first, if it does yes that should work, but would have thought it would be easier and better quality jus to get a HDMI enabled PVR


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I already have the pvr connected to the TV via scart but I wanted to benefit from the conversion to 1080p that the receiver provides.

And yes, buying a new pvr would obvioulsy solve the problem but I'm trying to work with the kit I have.
Just checked the manual for the Topfield and it does support RGB on the SCART so yes that cable should be fine, just set output to RGB.

Scart is just convenient plug for a set of connections for different AV types (audio, RGB, Component, SVideo, etc) just that they are not always enabled/present


If you have 1080p TV, and I guess you do since you want conversion, then your TV already does that so there's no point for doing anything else if upscaling is all you want.
If your PVR does have RGB output on SCART and your TV is probably capable of RGB input on SCART also then all you need is a SCART cabel with all the wires inside and not that cheap ones with just composite and audio.


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I don’t think it does up scale the image because I've tried using a Scart to HDMI converter box and I get a considerably better picture from it than if is just use Scart to TV

Thanks for checking Aclass


every LCD upscale input signal to native panel resolution. Maybe your SCART cable is not RGB capable. Or your TV. PVR is. But I doubt that external converter would do a better job than the TV. Or SONY AVR for that matter.

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SCART - carries analogue standard def video as either Composite, S-Video, RGB or in a few cases Component video.

SCART to SCART - ensure you have the Source and the TV set to RGB, otherwise they will default to Composite.

Up conversion - if your TV was not converting everything to fill it's pixel array your Standard Def Sources would deliver a postage size image in the centre of the screen.

SCART to Component - will require a converter, JS Technology always had the best affordable unit. (Note they do not up-convert to 1080p).

SCART to HDMI - lots of those around, some will also up-convert.

Converter - is simply adding an additional conversion stage, some work well others not.

If you go Source > Converter > AVR > TV that's a lot of places for things to get messed up.

SCART to SCART ought to work - assuming you have the devices set to RGB and the TV has a half decent processing chip.


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