Help needed with playing Region A Blu-Rays


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I hope someone out there can help. I’m in the UK, so my Xbox One, PS4 and my DVD player (Sony BDP6500) are all set to Region 2. I’ve just purchased a BluRay box-set from America (region A or 1) and they won’t play on either console or on the Sony. What’s the easiest way of changing the Blu-ray region on one of these (ideally make the Sony region-free) so I can watch the stuff I’ve just bought.

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Xbox - impossible.
PS4 - some later versions of PS4 allowed Blu-ray region changing but only up to 4 times. True region free would probably require jailbreaking the system.
Sony BDP6500 - requires hacking.

Remaining options
1) Buy a region free Blu-ray player (look on ebay).
2) Buy a cheap USB Blu-ray drive for PC/laptop and connect the PC to TV, install VLC to play Blu-ray on PC.


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Okay thanks. Can someone kindly recommend a reasonably priced multi-region Blu-Ray player then please. I believe the Sony BDP6700 offers multi region functionality - is this correct?


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@GuernicaWilliams : I have a BDP6700. I wasn't aware that it offered either multi region DVD or BR playback out of the box. Why would it? I suspect that it can be easily updated to handle MR DVD playback using a remote bought from somewhere like eBay, as I did the same many years ago with an older Sony BR player that I had. But I can't see multi region BR playback being available without some sort of hardware mod. Where did you see that the 6700 offered MR playback without any modification?

I do have an R1 and an R3 DVD that I can try at some point, but not a non-region B BR. I very much doubt that the DVDs will play without some form of intervention, but I'm always happy to be proved wrong! :D

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