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Hi - I'm a total PS4 numpty but my son has recently been gifted an annual PSN subscription. He has a few games that are online multiplayer, but due to his age (9) he didn't have anyone in his friends list. His younger brother has an online profile and I am the family manager, so now he has us two in his friends list.

But, we only have one console and can't work out how they can play online multiplayer together. For example, we downloaded the free Worms game and his brother logged in, but they couldn't actually play together. The screen just said 'XXX is in the game' but he was nowhere to be seen and there was still only one main character on the screen which was being controlled by my older son. I was expecting a split screen or something similar.

We also tried the Bus Simulator game, but after he sent an invite to his brother to join the game told him he had to log out to let the other player join but when we did this the whole system froze and we had to reboot, every time.

I'm probably not explaining myself very well - but the basic question is it possible for two players, who are sat next to each other in the same room, using the same console, to play online games? Or do we need two consoles? If it's not possible, then at least we can stop trying.

Thanks in advance - I realise this is probably a stupid question, but it's only easy if you know the answer!! :)


Unfortunately not many games support couch co-op. If you google couch co-op multi-player PS4 you'll find a list. I highly recommend Overcooked.


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I think from what you are trying there are 2 options
1. Co-op /split screen such as Fifa or fighting games. These can play two players same console no online subscription required.
2. Single player online gaming. This enables 1 person per console to play online multiplayer games such as Call of duty. Online subscription is required.

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