Help needed with new Stereo Build with Dali Rubicon 8


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Hi All,

I am new here. I am from Belgium but htis looks like a fun forum for audio enthousiasts so I thought you guys could help me decide.

So I just bought a new pair of Dali Rubicon 8 speakers in white to upgrade my current cheaper system. (Dali Zensor 7 + Dali 12F woofer and Zensor Vokal. I will get them next week probably.

I was thinking about a Pre and and Poweramp (or monoblocks) so because I want a higher end system now, you probably know how it goes :)

So I came across a AMR DP-777 DAC/Hybrid Preamp and thought it was good to connect my PC to because alot of amps, like for exaple a M6Si Music fidelity doesn't have digital in's.

So i will recieve this in the couple of days. But now I am looking for a good poweramp, monoblocks to get the best out of my new Dalis.

I came across a AMR MA-77 integrated, but it's possible to use it as a Poweramp. Only it's from about 2008, and pretty complex I think, so I'm a bit afraid for the reliability and repair issues (no parts availability?)

Other options that I came across are Auralic Merak monoblocks and AVM SA3.2 monoblocks.

All are within my budget of about a max. of 2500 Euro's.

What do you guys think? Any other recomendations?



I’d return the preamp and buy one of these sir.

Everything you’ll ever need and the ability to add a digitally connected power amp should you decide so in the future.

And it includes the legendary RoomPerfect.

A useful review here.


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