Help needed with new LCD choice



Hi I'm new to the forums and also new to LCD tv's so excuse my fairly basic questions.

I've been reading the forum all day and i'm aware this is dragging up an old subject slightly however im looking at a 26" LCD formy flat and the two models i've been looking at LG 26LC2R and the Samsung LE26R74BDX. Ive seen the LG for £355 at and the samsung for £429.99 from

My first question picture wise which is the better set im aware sound is an issue with the samsung however ill be using my hi-fi for the sound 90% of the time?

Secondly is there anything else to consider in this price range?

Also are these prices likely to stick for the near future or should i pick one up ASAP?

Has anyone ever had a chance to look at these two models side by side in a shop, and people who have either what are your opnions?

It feels like a big step and im torn between the two the only thing going for the samsung over the LG is looks and freeview tuner (however the later i could pick up for the price difference).

Finally is there anywhere i could pick up these sets or a better one for cheaper online.

Hope that all makes sense


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