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Hi all

Hope someone can help me with this :confused:

Recently bought a second hand set up of a Denon 3805 amp and Tannoy Arena 5.1 speakers but i can't get any bass out of the sub ! or when i do get it to produce bass it is very very low, i can just about hear it if i put my ear up against the sub, the instruction manual is a complete waste of time :( tried different settings on the amp but still no joy :( i can't do the auto setup as i haven't got the setup mic.

Been trying to sort this out for the past 3 days and its really doing my head in now lol

Any help would be very much appreciated guys



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You can adjust the sub volume from the speaker's menu
(page 34-35 in your manual: 'Setting the Channel Level').

Also, 'Setting the Low frequency Distribution' (page 37 in your manual).

* Hope this helps.

*** By the way, adjust your sub Gain (from the rear of your subwoofer itself) to about 1/3 rd of it's rotary Volume Level knob.
And set the Low Pass Filter knob to it's highest position, or to it's 'Bypass' mode, if avail.

))) And if you're using the multichannel analog inputs from your 3805, set the Ext. In Subwoofer Level to +15db (from page 40 in your manual).

---> OK, that should do it. :thumbsup:

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