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Help needed with chosing the best connections for my av set up please


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Hi all, If I mess this up please be patient, this is my first ever post. I need some help regarding which type of connection to use between each component of my set up for the best sound and picture quality . Previously I have used all scarts and 1 fibre optic ( between av amp and dvd) but that was with my old CRT screen. Any advice would be wonderfull, thanks a lot for reading, Jedbo.
Panasonic TX37LZD70 (full hd)
Pioneer VSX-C301 (5.1 av amp)
Toshiba SD-330E (dvd player)
Nintendo Wii.


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It would help others to help you if you could list the connection options you have on those devices.

If you don't it just means someone else has to look it all up on-line before they can reply :)

If it helps the order of quality for video goes something like this :



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Hi thanks for the quick responce, I have done bit of research and I am going to stick with the scarts for everything besides the nintendo Wii, for which I plan to use a component cable from the Wii to the lcd screen, the only worry I have is whether or not the audio signal from the wii will go though my tv and play thorough my AV amp, as it did with the crt, sorry if that sounds a bit vague but I'm doing my best here.I cant see any reson why it shouldn't work but I am unfamiliar with component so far, ps there doesn't apear to be a cable available that would go directly from the wii into one of my hdmi slots.


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I'm not familiar with how that pioneer receiver works but I see it has SCART in, so connecting your TV to the receiver via SCART should in theory give you audio from the TV through your speakers. I'm pretty sure that should work, if not connecing a pair of RCA phono (analogue red/white) cables to a SCART adaptor should work fine. Other than that, you're good to go. The wii cable should fit to both as apparently the split where the video and audio cables is long enough to connect the component (video) to your TV and the analogue audio to the pioneer unit. However, the analogue audio input is on the front, so will look a bit messy, so I would get a SCART adaptor to connect the red/white audio connections from the wii to it. Something like this should do the trick.

You should really be looking at investing in a High Definition source (bluray, HDDVD or Sky/Virgin HD) to take advantage of the TV though. A 1080p LCD will only disappoint if you don't feed it a decent hi def source. :smashin:


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Thanks for all the advice, you have been a great help. Seams like I'm on the right track. Don't worry Dave there will be an HD source soon enough.:)

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