Help needed with burning DVD videos

I hope I have posted this in the right forum !

I desperately need help with problem in burning video DVD's. I used to burn DVDs to video on my desktop PC for viewing on DVD players, using Freemake but recently it does not work. I go through the process, message says "Burned successfully", but when I put them into my PC or DVD player it shows message saying empty disk.

I run Windows 10 x64 Home edition (updated a month ago even though I thought I'd stopped auto updates)

I have tried burning ordinary files etc and that works fine so it surely can't be the burner hardware - copying data or mp3 files to disk is no problem. I've gone through all the normal checks so, in a nutshell, here's what I have already tried:

1. Uninstalled / reinstalled DVD Rewriter driver. (Tried different one as well).
2. Used different disks for burning - that's not the problem
3. Checked my OS by running SFC /scannow - all ok.
4. Have tried converting the files to VOB before burning (Freemake used to work usingAVI or MP4 files and
converted them to VOB during burning process
5. Checked/cleaned lens on DVD ReWriter - seems OK - it burns ordinary files so must be ok
6. Tried 3 different burners - Freemake, Any video converter and Windows 10 built in method. Nothing works. All show no files burned.

Therefore, I think I must be having some sort of problem with video codecs etc. I am not a techie so will need answer in plain English so that a dumbo like me can understand !! Is there something I have missed?? - I'm sure that it's not the hardware and that I would get same problem if I replaced it. I have tried burning on my laptop using same OS etc as above and get same problem. So, what do I do now ??


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You can tell by a visual inspection whether or not the disc has actually been "burned". Compare the "look" of a successful burn (data or video) with an unused disc. First question, then: has it been actually burned?
If yes - please confirm - if you look at the contents of a failed disc using Windows Explorer (i.e. not DVD playing software) are there any files - if yes, what is the folder structure and contents?
I just tried again using Freemake and burnt a few small MPEG2 files as a test. Freemake finishes with message saying "burn completed" When I view resulting disk via Windows Explorer is see file/folder structure as shown in attached screenshot photo. Ithen tried putting same disk into my DVD player but after loading it says "cannot play this disk"

I then tried using the burning function on AnyVideoConverter to do some small files. Now that seemed to work using 3 small MPEG2 files. It showed up ok on Windows explorer and was actually playable on the PC. However, when I tried loading a single films into it (a total file size of about 1.1 gb) AVC popped up a message saying file size too big for a DVD disk. I couldn't understand why 1.1gb wouldn't fit onto a normal DVD disk.

So, Freemake doesn't want to work and AVC kinda works if I use very small files but I need to put at least one film on a disk. I'm still puzzled. Any suggestions ?


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ps: just tried using Burnaware to burn disk. First loaded up MPEG2 files into the Video_TS folder and message came up that it would not accept them as they were not DVD type files. So I then tried loading up same files converted to VOB, clicked "Burn" and then got an error message saying
(Error 1) Cannot add file D:\DVD testing files\Hit me with your rhythm stick (bass backing track version) [Bass Cover].vob


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even though you can write small files to a disk, if three software packages are causing problems, I think your DVD writer is failing. With time the laser mechanism wears and fails to track properly.
if you have reinstalled dvd burning software the codecs will be ok.


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The player error reported from this latest test differ from what you described earlier.
The folder structure of DVD (1).jpg appears to be as it should be. However I note from your second example that you are using a rewritable disk.
It may be that your player is ageing out of spec somewhat and can't read a RW disc properly.

As to your further comments: I clearly don't know what went on when you "converted to VOB" in post 4. Nor can I tell from your description exactly how you went about adding a 1.1gb film in post 3. It is worth saying, though, that there is an absolute maximum file size for .vobs in DVD-Video which is around 1gb. DVD authoring software will automatically split larger content into several .vobs. This for example is what the content of the VIDEO_TS folder looks like for a ~2.5gb movie:


so its my suspicion that whatever you are using to create your folder structure isn't doing this, and that's why you get the "too large" error.

If you are trying to create the folder/file structure manually then there is a high probability it won't work because you may well do something that is outwith the permitted spec for DVD-Video and that would also account for the player's refusal to play. It's important to "author" DVD-Video properly.

I can't speak for the software you are using. What I will do, is suggest an alternative for you. This is a DVD authoring app that should create a properly formatted and compliant file structure. It is very flexible (which in turn means it has a lot of setting/s options) so it will take some learning. Do watch all the various settings for things like TV system, disc size and so on.

I highly recommend that you do things in THIS order
- author your disc, with a menu if you care to
- Do not burn disc. Create an .iso file. This is in the "burn" options. Note that as long as the source files match the chosen DVD-Video format (are DVD-V compliant and have the same TV system as the project setting) this should only take a couple of minutes.
- Find the .iso file on your hard drive and MOUNT it (right-click, Mount).
- That will create a virtual DVD drive on your PC.
- Play the "disc" on your PC and check its behaviour.

If wrong - fix it and repeat.
If right - then and only then, burn the iso directly to disc as follows:

Use this app:
and select the option "Write Image file to disc". Find your .iso and go.

You should get a fully compliant DVD-Video disc. Which then only leaves the matter of the player's ability to read the disc surface as a possible issue. Try another player for confirmation.

One last thing: if that DVD-RW disc has been used a few times, try doing a FULL erase befoe burning it again. That might improve its readability in your player.
Thanks for all your suggestions. I think I have found the answer as to why my Freemake program (that was previously working absolutely fine) suddenly stopped working - it was because my Avira anti-virus program was blocking a certain file within Freemake (something called "spumux" files) and which was causing the failure. So I just added Freemake to the list of exceptions and Bingo! everything started burning fine again.

It's amazing how many variables there are to any compute problem!

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