Help needed with a simple Excel formula



Could you help me with a simple excel formula please (I can't remember how to do it :blush: )

I have a worksheet called SOURCE containing data

There is a second worksheet called PRINTOUT that extracts the data, ready for printing the report, so the source data is never touched. This is updated automatically with =Source!A1 etc

If there are blank cells in the source worksheet, the printout worksheet returns a '0' (which I don't want)

I can't remember how to make the printout cell blank UNLESS there is something entered in the source cell

I've done something similar, but it only works with numbers I think because of the SUM function being used;


So it says if the sum of a range of cells equals zero, return blank. Or return the sum if it's not zero.

So I need a formula that says If the contents of a cell are empty, return blank. Or return the contents if it's not empty.

Sorry if I'm being thick, but I appreciate any advice :)


I've worked it out myself :smashin:

I used


Happy to archive the thread (I'm not sure how to do that as it doesn't appear in thread tools?)

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