Help needed with a complicated PS2 set up

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by alistair, Jan 7, 2004.

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    I have a screen in room 1, my av kit in room 2 & pj in room 3. All work fine and controlled by pronto pro. i want to play ps2 games on the big screen in room 1. Originally I tried a long IXOS s-video cable through a small hole in the wall between 1 & 2 to the amp but every now and again lost output for no reason. The game still plays but the screen goes black. Tried 3 cables to prove it wasn't a faulty one. No good when trying to be Colin Macrae!
    Next I put the ps2 in room 2 and tried the Saitek wireless adapter. This gives limited success but seems to experience a delay which is more obvious on some games than others and is useless for my dancemat! Sadly the hole in the wall between 1&2 is small and the wall is over 13 inches think so tunneling is not really an option. Cable extensions is the idea but does anyone do them with the ends off so I can re-attach it once through the wall? Thanks in advance

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