Help needed with 3D glasses


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I have (ahem) found copies of Jaws3, Friday 13th Part 3 and Amityville 3, all in 3D(anaglyphic transfer?).

All I need now are a couple of pairs of 3D glasses. I found a US outlet on the net that could supply them, but it's not cost effective to get them from there.

Does anyone know somewhere in the UK I could get them from quite quickly?

Alternatively, is there a template available that I could use to make them myself? I could nip out to a art supplier or something to get the coloured plastic for the lenses.




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This seller on Ebay has some for sale pretty cheaply.

EDIT: Here's a template to make your own.

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there was some going for a quid in tescos last year as part of children in need i think

didnt pick any up tho sorry


Do these movies require red and blue or polarised lenses?


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I've ordered the ones off Ebay.

Hopefully, I'll be watching crazy Jason slicing and dicing in 3D by Monday night!

I'm hoping to get copies of "Creature from the black lagoon" and "It came from outer space" in 3D.

But the Holy Grail of 3D movies is "Treasure of the four crowns" !!!!!


Why hasn't anyone mentioned "Barbie and the magic of pegasus" , a true modern classic in 3D, it even came with Barbie pink 3D glasses. Of course you have to be a 3 year old girl to fully appreciate the finer points of the subtle plot twists :)



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Freddys Final Nightmare came in 3d on VHS, not sure on the DVD version though.


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