Help Needed using SonicStage please!


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I have always owned an ipod and used with itunes for the past couple of years, i decided to change for a new 20gb Sony player and have been using it along with Sonicstage.

I only have 1 problem.....when i drag an album over to the player, some of my albums get split up.......

eg.......i have the KIll bill soundtrack, when i drag it over to my MP3 player each song gets put into its own individual album, each with the same name, i also have the Final Fantasy has 13 songs on it, when i drag to the MP3 player i end up with 3 albums of the same name.....2 with 1 track in it and the other with 11 tracks.

It doesn't do it with every album i have but does with quite a few.

Is there anyway to sort out this problem?

Thanks for any help.



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Maybe you need to rename the tags before you transfer. "Kill Bill" and "Kill Bill " will show up under two different albums, so make sure that your album names have no spaces after the last word.

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