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Help needed - twin LNB short

Giles Bates

Standard Member
We have a twin LNB and use both cables in to the same Humax box.
We are setting a projector up outside for the football tonight and have one cable long enough to attach to one of the cables but we get the message LNB Short on the screen.

Is there a way of not having to connect both cables to the Humax box (as it would mean having to run out and buy 20m of cable asap)?

Is there an easy way to solve this problem?
Please help


Active Member
Keep the existing cables and get a longer cable from the Humax to the projector?

Giles Bates

Standard Member
do you mean to try and get a 20m long scart (red/white/yellow) cable? The only problem with doing it this way is that the sound would only come from projector


Novice Member
Do you mean you connected an extension cable to one of the cables from the dish? If so I would suspect one of the F connectors has been fitted wrongly i.e. the copper braid is touching the signal wire. This would cause the cable short (electrical not length) message.

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