Help Needed! TV Aerial/Antenna Choice!


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I was thinking about buying one of the products below for myself but I haven't got the first clue. All I know is that I should be looking for the Maximum forward gain possible and the most number of elements secondly.

My coverage checker shows this

Coverage Checker - Detailed View

The reason I haven't bought the Vision one is because the Channels state 21-37. Usually the channels on most aerials go into the 60's. I don't know if this will affect me at all with such a narrow scope of channels.

V11-441 44 Element Group A High Gain Aerial » Vision Products - Powerful Products. Easy Installation. Excellent Value

Channels 21-37 44 element group A high gain aerial. Wire rod sets & 18mm boom for rigidity and low wind loading. F-Connector balun & dipole. Ideal for digital or analogue TV in poor signal areas and where ghosting is a problem. Large reflector for excellent Front-to-Back ratio. Gain 12-15dB F/B >28dB. Tilt clamp. Easy to assemble without tools.

Model: V10-441A
Channels: 21 - 37
Elements: 44
Forward Gain (maximum): 15.0dBi
Frequency range: Group A Ch21-37 470 – 606MHz
Acceptance Angle (half-power beam-width): ±20°
Front / Back Ratio: >28dB
Cross Polar Rejection: >20dB
Junction Box: Clamshell ventilated weather-proof ABS moulding with cable entry grommet
Weight (kg): 1.4
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 1480 x 500 x 665 (reflector)
Packaging: Individual carton

The other I was considering was this, which seems a decent deal

But this is around £5 more than the Vision one and looks prone to birds landing on it.

Any help at ALL will be appreciated. I don't want to buy the wrong thing!


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You are wrong... Maximum forward gain and a lot of elements is not necessarily what you want or need... Especially in your location

See ATV`s Choice Of Aerials for digital TV A log periodic antenna is ideally suited to reception from Mynydd Machen your 'most likely' transmitter source (vertically polarised relay... PSB channels only). You can get group A logs that provide very slightly more gain than a standard (but modern) wideband log periodic... as to whether you could tell the difference in gain in real life I cannot confirm.
No amplifier should be needed for one (or two) TVs .

If you wish to try reception from Wenvoe, that requires a wideband aerial (21 to 60), and may well need more forward gain and elements (perhaps even a masthead amplifier) - but your predictions are not very encouraging... You have a mountain or two in the line of sight so signals are just via diffraction off the top ridges... not at all ideal!

DO NOT buy a tri-boom design - they are too cumbersome and present a high wind loading requiring a strong fixing on the building... Additionally, although the Televes ones work fine (I have a DAT45 on my home) the performance of a good 18-element yagi design is very similar (at may even be better) - see ATV aerials. (I have never heard of the brand you linked to on Amazon so I'd personally steer clear of that one.)

You may be best going for free satellite together with Freeview from your local transmitter!

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