Help Needed - Toshiba 36ZP46 & Component Video


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Evening all.

I'm having difficulty connecting my DVD player to my Tosh using component leads.

The TV obviously has componet inputs and is prog scan capable. I am using a Pioneer 575A DVD player which also has prog scan capabilities.

Having connected the TV and DVD player using a decent set of QED component cables I don't get any picture whatsoever. I've read through both manuals and can't see I am doing anything wrong. There is no problem with sound and the DVD is obviously playing but no picture.

Am I missing something obvious? I'd be surprised if the leads were faulty but there is always the possibility I guess.

Would appreciate any advice, cheers :thumbsup:


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Fistly connect the DVD to the TV with composite video so you can see the on screen menus.
Check that in the initial settings menu for the 575 (Video output settings) you do not have the AV Connector out set to RGB. I think the 575 can only output either RGB or Component but not both at the same time.


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You're a star mate - it was simply a case of switching off RGB on the video output settings as you said. Would never have thought of that and it certainly isn't clear in the manual (though I may have missed it).

Anyway all is well now and the prog scan picture is outstanding. Thanks again!!

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