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I am trying to record from Sky + HD to DVD (Sony RDR GX350), but the quality of the DVD playback after recording is terrible - I used to get better with VHS!!

There is nothing wrong with the picture when I watch it (from Sky + to DVD Recorder to TV), so I cannot understand why the recording is such poor quality.

What do I need to do - do I need a DVD Recorder with a Hard Drive to transfer the programmes to the Hard Drive first, before recording to DVD?

Would I be better off somehow copying to a laptop? If so how would I do that?

Also, I have a portable Hard Drive and wondered if there would be any way of copying the Sky HD programmes to that - as the picture quality is fine with anything I watch off the portable Hard Drive.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit confused, but I am not very technically minded. I just want to easily make good quality DVD copies of programmes I want to keep (as I used to do with my VHS recorder).

Please help.

Many thanks


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Firstly, make sure that you're recording in RGB from the Sky+HD box. Make sure that the SCART cable is connected from the "TV" SCART socket on the Sky+HD box, and then connected to the LINE 1 SCART socket on the DVD recorder (the front panel display should say 'L1' by pressing INPUT). And in the Sky SERVICES System Setup menu, Video Output should be set to RGB (and Picture Format 16:9).

Another reason why the quality is poor is perhaps because you have used a low quality recording mode: Press 'REC MODE' on the remote (bottom right) and it will cycle through the modes -- stick to the better modes (ESP or better LSP/SP/HSP/HQ), and use SP most of the time for best recording quality vs. time.

Lastly, if you are recording a High Definition programme, it will be downscaled to SD when you record it.

(You won't get better results with the other options you've listed -- a properly configured DVD recorder recording in RGB and a good recording mode should give excellent results.)


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Thanks a million - it now works perfectly - brilliant!!

Which recordable DVDs would you recommend?

I have bought DVD +RW - is there good and bad ones or are they pretty much the same?

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