Help needed to record from Sky + HD to DVD


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I am trying to record from Sky + HD to DVD (Sony RDR GX350), but the quality of the DVD playback after recording is terrible - I used to get better with VHS!!

There is nothing wrong with the picture when I watch it (from Sky + to DVD Recorder to TV), so I cannot understand why the recording is such poor quality.

What do I need to do - do I need a DVD Recorder with a Hard Drive to transfer the programmes to the Hard Drive first, before recording to DVD?

Would I be better off somehow copying to a laptop? If so how would I do that?

Also, I have a portable Hard Drive and wondered if there would be any way of copying the Sky HD programmes to that - as the picture quality is fine with anything I watch off the portable Hard Drive.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit confused, but I am not very technically minded. I just want to easily make good quality DVD copies of programmes I want to keep (as I used to do with my VHS recorder).

Please help.

Many thanks


Two principle factors affect the quality.

1 - Ensure you are using the sky+ TV scart output socket [ which provides an RGB output ] fed into the DVDR.
Check in the setup menus of the DVDR that it is setup to intake RGB [ The default is composite ]

The above will probably be the cause of your trouble, but the other possibility is :

2 - You are recording at a poor quality level. Use SP.


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I am trying now to do the same - recording onto Sony DVD recorder from Sky box - a previously saved programme on the Sky Box (not a film so I don't think that there is any DRM problem). I am using SCART connectors and using DVD+RW discs. However when I try to playback the recorded program the sound is only coming out of one channel - picture is fine. Have I made an incorrect setting somewhere?




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Hi :hiya:

Re:However when I try to playback the recorded program the sound is only coming out of one channel

A possibility of the Scart from SKY box not being fully seated in socket/s could cause that problem

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