Help needed to mount SVS prime elevation speakers into plasterboard


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Hello people

I am useless at DIY therefore require your collective wisdom.
I need to mount four SVS elevation speakers, each speaker weighs 3.6kg, into plasterboard.
One speaker may align with a wooden stud but the others will be going straight into the plasterboard (which has insulation behind it and than brick).
Need advice on what type and size drill bits for going straight into the plasterboard and then wood plus plasterboard. Which type of wall plugs to use etc.
SVS said
"a 4 mm screw shaft diameter will fit through the holes in the wall side bracket"

And any other advice or abuse you can throw my way.



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These or similar should work


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Thank you for the reply razy60.
Just a few queries the size of the those plugs look quite big. When using the svs mounting template and marking up the screw points for the bracket, I feel the size of these plugs may reduce any margin for error aligning bracket to marks.
Finally which kind of drill bits to use?

Thank you


Fro the pictures, it appears to be a 25mm flat wood drill bit. It is pretty easy to put the hole absolutely where it should be with these (because of the point) - just make sure they're accurately marked up!

There is scope for some slight adjustment if you need it, by enlarging the hole in the appropriate direction - but you should be fine


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Hey I just thought I would update the thread with how I finally went about doing this.
I decided not to drill through any studs instead just use the plasterboard fixings for everything. Stud finder still came in handy for avoiding studs.
I used these wall plugs and just the normal screws that came with the speakers, and a 10mm wood drill bit. I find the wood drill bit easier to line up with any drilling marks due to the point in center.

I haven't done diy before so was unaware how tightly to screw in the screws into the wall plugs. So as soon as I felt them get tight I would screw just a little, more strangely the screw would then feel loose pushing past this point.
Well I soon learned why when the bracket was loaded with the speaker it leaned forward. Found out you have to screw even further untill you hear a clicking sound and then the connection is solid.
I completed the installation in 5-6 hours, lol, with all four speakers sitting flush against the wall at the sides of the listening position.

The results are attached.

I have a one last question regarding the avr setup, my Denon X3600h only has placement for height speakers forward and behind the listening the position and not to the side.
From a placement stand point I find the top middle and top rear ceiling speaker positions line up better with where my SVS are.
But I have no idea if changing this affects the surround placement in the dolby renderer, could anyone provide insight? At the moment I have kept the setting as full height front and rear.

Anyways thanks for all your help.

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