help needed to link Sony rdr via HDMI to Tevion Tv

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    Having already purchased a Tevion Widescreen Tv 47" from Aldi I want to link it to display HDMI via my Sony RDR HX 870. Try as I might to get the two to talk to each other they will not link and the function always shows as 'not available' at this time.
    Yet on at least two occasions the highlighted HDMI has enabled access to set the screen resolution, colour, audio , HDMI control etc. Everything is connected correctly and the HDMI cable is working fine.
    Once you then go to the HDMI 1 or 2 it shows 'not connected'
    Anyone know why? Is this a compatibilty problem between the two makes or can you suggest any other avenues to explore before I pull my hair and everything else out.
    i have tried to follow the manual p147 to the letter but it just will not comply. Other issues such as the pause TV does not work also. Is this part of the same problem.
    Frustrated to say the least:lease:

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