help needed to identify transistor on Onkyo TXNR-807


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My amp popped the other day with some degree of smoke. I have stripped it down and identified the transistor that goes in Q6051 on the board is completely fried.

I have found the service manual here :-

or just search onkyo txnr-807 service manual and click on the vintage hifi link

but I cannot work out from them what part I would need to replace them, can anyone help?

I would also like to know, as this transistor fried, is it possible that the part just failed or is it likely that something else caused it to explode? I have checked the ceramic resisitors and they all seem fine.


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Q6501 is TTC001 power transistor. Other one, Q6061 is more likely shorted too. Check those two large, 0.22 ohm /5W resistors. Set your multimeter to diode mode, and check ALL semiconductors.Same thing with resistors, and that's only on the power amp board. The input stage board is even more important. You will find few dodgy transistror over there as well.
Blown amplifier channel isn't an easy job. I always check 2-3 times all components, before I switch amp on. If the things aren't right, you will hear a pop again..


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thanks, I have just purchased 2 of those and will check all the boards before I turn it on. I had to strip the whole thing down to even locate the transistors, so wish me luck getting it back together again after fix!

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