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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me of any home entertainment systems which consist of small surround speakers (but with great sound) and also maybe a built in dvd-recorder (or is this not possible).

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you


Can i finish off where davidorff started?

Bit of a noob here... Im looking for a complete home cinema system that can give me what i need!

My current system is:

Pioneer PDP-436XDE

SkyHD goes directly via HDMI into the pioneer, which has a single Optical Digital Out for the sound. The xbox goes into the pioneer via component and also has a optical digital out.

What im looking for is a DivX playing 5.1 surround sound system with small sattilitte speakers (i do not need a hard drive or dvd recording funcionality) than can accomodate for both the optical out from the pioneer and the 360*.

My budget is £500 - although i would like to spend a little less...

*The 360 can plug into the pioneer via the 2 left and right RCA audio thingys, and the guy at comet said that would output via the pioneers optical digtal output as 5.1, but i didn't believe him, is he right? because if he is then everything would be alot easier....

Thanks a million for your help, i greatly appreciate it.


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I just acquired a Hsu Research 'VEntriliquist VT-12 over the weekend along with a JPW211 subwoofer and mated it with a Yamaha RX-V559 AV receiver.

I couldnt be happier with it to be honest. American kit, but do check it out. I looked at the all in one's and the difference was chalk and cheese. It can be had for US$299 online, or with a US$100 discount if you buy it with a sub (and they make great subs) but dont know what it is in the UK.....



Lovely set you have there, and that AV reciever is the mutts nuts! but im lookin g for a decent DVD player to go in there as well and that would knacker my budget...

Basically im looking for an all in one system with 2 optical inputs. I've found a system at currys which is HDMI and has an optical audio input and a ditital audio input, and the digital audio input i can get a converter, but the speakers aren't really what im looking for. The wireless rears are ok, but not the front ones as they all tall boys.

Thanks alot though... are there any more suggestions?


Found it - the system that best suits my needs

Denon DHT1356XP twinned with a Denon DVD1720 with a PDP436XDE and 360 all plugged into one an other.

Crying shame about the SkyHD issues though eh... got me a bit worried that. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me out with my situation, this is the most helpful forum i have ever visited!

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