Question Help needed to diagnose fault - MA ceiling speaker causes amp protection to cut out


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I could do with some ideas from the assembled experts on how to move forward with a fault on a system.

I have 4 ceiling speakers in the kitchen, Monitor Audios. About 5 years old. Powered by an old Arcam AVR100 home cinema amp.

For quite some time I've had an intermittent fault where a relay in the amp was clicking. Then one speaker started to go silent, usually with the amp relay clicking. After a few minutes it would come back to life. So I started to blame the amp for being really old and began searching ebay for a replacement.
Happily I've tried the obvious and swapped the speaker to a different amplifier channel. The same speaker cut out. So now I am trying to ponder my options.

Do I find another amplifier and try that for a bit? (I have one in use elsewhere I could swap in)

Does this sound like a faulty speaker that could be repaired? I can't imagine it's going to be easy to find a replacement, even if I can remember the exact model.

I did wonder if there is something wrong with the speaker cable. E.g is there a nail through the cable in the ceiling. I discounted that because this has worked for years.
Ideas very very welcome before I find a step ladder and attempt to get that speaker out, they are in tight and it's not going to be pleasant.


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Speaker cable would be my first though, either degredation of the cables insulation or other damage, even a few hair like strands shorting at either connection end can cause issues like you have.

If the amps easy to acces I'd be remove the speaker from the ceiling and test using a completely different bit of cable.


Simply because of where the speakers are situated I too would look at the cable for degredation. If you have enough spare on the lengths then cut off the current bare wire and expose new and clean the connectors on both amp and speakers. Could be as simple as contamination from all that lovely cooking.


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If the fault is following the speaker as it moves around the different channels and everything else stayed the same, cables, connections etc then it points to the speaker.

Did you try the speaker on the other side of a left right pair or a completely different pair?

How are the channels wired? Single output to 2 left and 2 right do you have 4 individual channels.

Wondering if its a loading issue into the amp?


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Thank you for all the questions, here goes:

4 speakers - Monitor Audio CT265.
I run a Y phono cable into 4 of the analogue inputs and run the amp in 5.1 pass-through mode. So each gets a channel.
(one channel is completely dead on the amp and the digital input board died years ago!)

When I swapped them last week it was a left to a right.

I just did the exciting bit of climbing on a chair and taking out the speaker and looking at the connections, they looked perfect. There is no damage, dirt or anything. I did not cut the ends off and do them again but I did take em out and put em back in again. I should have checked for replies sooner!

I have no other speaker cable to spare to cover that distance without significant surgery to another system.

So I guess the next step is get it back down, chop off the ends and do it again.

After that I will take a deep breath and get some other cable involved. That might be next weekend.
Talk about lockdown job creation!


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So each speaker has its own connection to the amplifiers (ie 4 speaker cables leaving the amp)?

Before going to the cost of new speaker cable, try swapping the speakers in the ceiling. Not by moving the cable on the back of the amp, but by physically removing say speaker 1 (the faulty one) and speaker 4 and swap them over. If the fault stays in the same position, it is a cable fault, if the fault moves with the speaker, then it is a speaker fault.

Sorry, when you said you have swapped the speakers over, this is what I thought you had done, rather than just move the cable and speaker to a different output.


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That's a good idea, thank you.

Yesterday I stripped the connector at the speaker end and we cranked up a great playlist. No problem for hours, just a load of tunes to love or hate
NME: Greatest Songs of All Time

If it returns then yes, I will follow your suggestion.

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