Help Needed! Speaker issue?


Hey all,

First time poster here. Having a weird issue hoping someone can give me direction on. I don't know if the issue is my speakers or my AV unit.

Every now and then there is super short, very loud, sudden and intense buzzing sound. Lasts less than a second, doesn't matter what volume speakers are on, or what input the receiver is on. Comes from all the speakers at once. That, or there is no sound whatsoever and I have to hard reset the receiver. Both the AV unit and speakers are approximately 9 years old. I have not changed or added any new components in years. My best guess is that the receiver is going out and I may need to replace it soon.

Please let me know if there are any other possible issues that I may not be considering before a new unit!


Welcome to the Forum.

If the problem is with all the speakers at exactly the same time then that more than points to the receiver as having a problem especially as you have to do a hard reset. At nine years old it will probably not be worth paying for a repair and maybe best putting that money towards a new unit. Nine years for speakers is nothing they should still be performing at their optimum.

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