Help needed setting up surround sound without optical input


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I have been running a Panasonic dvd/surround sound fine for years with Sky Q also playing through the unit. Sky Q is connected to the TV by HDMI, the DVD also connected to the TV by HDMI and I had an optical cable from DVD to TV so the sound from Sky played through the surround.

The unit finally gave up last week so I have bought a used Samsung dvd/surround unit but it surprisingly hasn't got an optical input. It has an RCA Audio In (L and R) but I can't seem to get this connected to my Samsung 60in TV. There are 2 different 3.5mm inputs at the back of the TV but I can't get the sound to play.

I have added images of the back of the DVD unit, 2 pics of the back of the TV (one of all the inputs and also a close up of the 3.5mm inputs), there is also a pic of the model of the TV . Can anyone tell me the right way to set this up or what I am doing wrong?

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What you're after is a 3.5mm audio output (not input) but that model of TV doesn't have one.
What you need is a D/A convertor so you can connect the TV optical out to it and the L/R phono output from the convertor will go to the DVD audio input.
Something like this is all you need.
Amazon productIt can be powered from one of the TV's USB sockets.

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