Help Needed Setting Up Philips Garbo Matchline with HTPC

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by The Sheriff, Aug 10, 2004.

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    Asked this in HTPC forum but didn't get any response, so i'll ask it here aswell.

    My question is to do with resolutions which it seems i'm still trying to get my head round after a lot of reading up. The pj's native picture is 16:9 with a quoted res of 854 x 480, so i presume that from my radeon 9800 pro's secondary vga output i need a signal that exactly matches that resolution, but i understand that it isn't possible to output 2 different resolutions from my pc to 2 different monitors at the same time, which means i need a convenient way of switching the res at will. Also how do i match the res exactly? I understand i should use a program called Powerstrip but i've been having some problems getting the settings right for my projector.

    Now i was intending to use the pj to play games as well as watch dvd's and do some web surfing, but i guess that i haven't really chosen the best pj for that purpose seeings as the ws res of 854 x 480 isn't really the best for displaying games and my pc desktop. I'm also a bit confused as it says in the projector manual that the component input will accept a resolution of 1080i which is higher that the res of the pj, so how is this possible? And finally, if i do use the vga input of 854 x 480, is that progressive scan?


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