Help needed: Scart, RGB and component connections


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My first post on here, please be gentle!

I have an NTL decoder (a newish samsung) that can output an RGB signal via scart or an S video signal (I think) also by scart. Presently, the RGB goes to my phillips CRT, along with an s video feed from my dvd player via an S video to scart connection. The TV has only those two scart connections.

I will be getting a Panasonic DMRES15 for christmas (the good lady wife took what hifi sound and visions advice). It only has one RGB capable scart, which I thought I'd connect to the telly to get DVD playback in RGB.

So, my questions:

1) Is the difference between RGB and S video very noticeable on recordings?
2) Can the RGB signal be split from the scart to 3 phono connectors to use the component connections on my equipment?
3) I'll be getting a denon 1507 AV amp, which has lots of connectors but no scarts. Can this be used to take RGB signals from the DVD playback and NTL box and feed them to the TV?

Sorry if these are very basic questions, but I'm a little confused! Audio will be taken to the AV amp via digital optical connections from the recorder and decoder.

Thanks in advance!

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