Help needed really quick please!!!


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Hi guys im in need of a full hd professional camcorder, my main use will be recording university lectures for a tv channel and also for youtube etc. my budget is about £3000.

I dont know where to even start and need one real fast :mad: the main features really needed is -

1. a built in hard drive plus sd card input
2. a external microphone output
3.TOP QUALITY picture and sound (5.1 or over) with a really good zoom so i can zoom around the lecture theater and thats about it for now lol

please if someone can kindly give me some directions here as i have little time in looking for one

I would really really appreciate any links to a highly recommended camcorder that once i see it i wont need to look any future sorry i know it sounds crazy but my time is very limited

Thank you guys for any help


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I think you will find that most of the members here tend to use consumer or prosumer gear, rather than fully 'professional' equipment.
As you are asking for details about 'full HD professional camcorders' you might find a forum like this: The DV Info Net Forum has more members dealing with 'pro' gear.....

Not deliberately trying to lose you, but as you need the information fast......:)

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