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Jan 18, 2010
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I am desperately trying to set up this new Toshiba SD390 for my mother in the UK so she can watch a collection of home TV recorded discs I have recorded for her in the US.
I enter the hack code of 9879 0 and the message came up on screen saying the region code was now 0.
So I assumed it had been successful.
However, when I tried to play these US home recorded discs, they won't play.
I have tried the same discs in a different machine, my own hacked Daewoo machine and they play fine so Inknow the discs are definetly OK.
It would suggest that the hack hasn't nee successful, but would it come on the screen saying 'Region is now 0' if the hack had not worked?
I really need some help here.
Can anyone help or advise?
Thank you.
Hi again,
its ok, I worked out the problem.....I needed to finalise the discs first.
So I did, and now they play perfectly. And obviously the hack (9879 0) worked a treat.

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