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I've just bought a Sony XH9505 and have a BT 4K box attached. I went to watch Amazon Prime last night, through the app on the BT box, and all I got was a blank green screen. The only way out of it was to close the app. I've used Now through the app on the BT box and that works OK.

When I use Prime via the app on the TV itself, it works OK.

A quick search round the web indicates it may be an issue with HDCP caused, possibly, by the HDMI cable. The cable I'm using is quite old so may not be the most 'up to date'.

Please can anyone advise what I should replace it with?

I should say that I'm not fussed either way about using the app on the BT box but it is more convenient to have everything in one place.

Thanks in advance


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Doubtful its the cable unless its starting to fail, but you could always try a new one. If it's less than about 2M, pretty much any cable will work, so don't pay a fortune.

Does the box work in 4K on other apps? If so, I doubt a new cable will help, but I am happy to be proved wrong :)


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Thank noiseboy72. As I said, Now works OK (I think some of its content is 4K) but I also gave Prime another try this morning after checking all the connections, and it works now.

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