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So I recently set up a cinema room with the following:

LG Nano86 86 inch

Samsung hw-q950a

Sony ubp- x700 4k blu ray player

Xbox series x

Soundbar is plugged into the earc port

Xbox series x plugged into the hdmi 2.1 port.

Sony plugged into hdmi 2.0 port

But am having some issues that I feel is probably something do with the settings I have set. Pics attached.

The problem is a weird distortion/fluttering coming from both the sound bar and rear speakers whenever atmos is played on UHD’s through my Sony blu ray player and Xbox. I know it’s not just the quality of the soundbar that isn’t very good as the sound is perfect in every way when I have atmos turned on for my streaming apps (Netflix, Disney and Apple+) that are built into the tv.

To add the distortion is present when playing streaming apps that are on my Xbox as opposed to the tv built in ones.
Second issue is when atmos settings are turned on on the Xbox series x, there is a lip sync issue on everything played on there :(

I honestly hate to be that guy who just comes on here when he needs some help from some tech savvy nice people but this is genuinely driving me insane.

I’ve tried to look for a similar problem within the relevant forums but can’t find anything…

Thanks to anyone who might know the answer and/or where I have gone wrong.

Thanks all


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