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Help needed please: Which plasma would be best for my needs & room size?


Saif Siddiqui

Hello All!

First let me start by saying that I have been lurking on these forums for a while but have only just plucked up the courage to start posting... I'm a total newbie when it comes to AV related stuff so please be gentle.

We're in the process of buying a new TV and would like to join the rat race and pick up a decent plasma. The problem is that we are constrained by budget to about 1k at best, as I also would like to hold some back for the audio kit and a decent unit (but might be able to stretch if convinced otherwise - maybe up to £1.5kish). I'd like to be able to get a plasma and a stand for that price as the wall we'll be placing the screen in front of is a stud partition wall and it won't take the load of a plasma.

The room is approximately 13x18ft and we're just planning on having the TV at one end and the sofa pretty much up against the wall at the other end.

As for inputs; to start with it will be freeview/sky on a daily basis along with upscaled SD material. I don't have the budget right now to move to true HD inputs but am planning to later in the year, so I really would like something offering 1080p to future proof my purchase. I'm not a gamer (not anymore anyways - simply don't have the time) but might be shelling out for an Xbox or PS3 late this year too.

I've looked at the measurements for 50" screens and just feel that I would be thinking I should have gone for something bigger in a few months time. The problem there then is the cost of creeping up towards a 60" screen.

I have been looking at the LG 60PF95 (plenty of threads on this forum), which for a while was hovering around the £1700 mark but has slowly crept back up to the £2k+ range again. I appreciate its not to everyone's liking but the reviews read pretty well for the price. Having said that, I've struggled to see this unit in the flesh so all I can go on are the reviews and user comments.

What would you suggest - stick to a 50"ish screen from a stonger brand with higher quality or take a risk on a bigger screen with some compromise?

totally open to advice on this as I haven't got a clue. One part of me is telling me to stick to a 50"ish screen as there is far more choice in the price range and the quality will be better but there is still this voice in the back of my head telling me that the 60" will just be awesome and worth a punt...(if I can get it cheap enough)...

can you help restore my sanity?!?!?

thanks for your help & comments in advance



That's quite a big room!
1st point, 1080p. Depending on your viewing distance, not necessarily related to room size clearly, you can put a sofa anywhere, you may not notice whether a 50 is 1080p or not. £1k is tight I think, though you'd squeeze in a 50 PX70 Panasonic for that these days, which is HD ready but not 1080p. Trouble is, anything in the price range, and including that LG 1080 panel, is going to judder with HD DVD and Blu Ray sources. Do a search (google) for '3:2 pulldown' for the reason for this. To get proper 1080p with all the necessary internal processing and refresh rates is going to be out of budget. Note that this does not apply to skyHD, this will be fine on all HD ready plasmas. Personally I'd accept the compromise, go with the Panny, put the possible £500 aside for audio, and plan on adding a bit to it. You'll want an HDMI switching amp, one which can extract HD audio from the PS3, which is going to cost £400 min. plus some speakers. I reckon £3-400 would cover that. Have a think about hiding the speaker cables, and how you can get that past the Mrs in the meantime.


Don't, whatever you do, buy a 30kg 4 feet high sub, and not tell the wife first. I did, and I lived to regret it!

Re the judder - MAW is in fact a superhero, and his eyes are trained to stuff that no normal man can see. I've seen HD on the PX70 through a PS3, and I could see no judder at all. And I'm a natural pedant. Best bet by far, is find an independent dealer, someone who doesn't feed their display TV's with a 1.99 coax cable, and compare the sets. Even take your own DVD's. If they are good, they will be more than pleased to go through this with you. Plasma viewing is very subjective. My parents have a Hitachi 42", and when I watch it, it does my head in! The trailing is really bad, and it judders like crazy. But they know no different - so it's the ideal set for them. I however, couldn't have it.


I acknowlege my 'pants outside trousers' status, hence saying I personally, not just I recommend, to go with a PX70. If budget restricts you, you have to compromise on the bit that bothers you least. That is the bit that most people don't notice let alone are bothered by.


Distinguished Member
KEF should be releasing some nice looking wireless speakers (its little "eggs") for home cinema use in the next month or two. Should be worth waiting for.


[email protected] any wireless speakers, what are they battery powered? Or do they have a mains power lead? And unless the spec is wi fi, ie expensive, a wi fi bridge is gonna add £100 per speaker, they are going to want a lot of radio power, could interfere with other radio devices, could and usually do pick up other radio interference. On a humorous note, several years ago Maplins used to sell wireless speakers. They were very prone to interference, 27Mhz, if you know what used to be on that frequency. This was in London SE1, client was 'of the other persuasion', we both burst out laughing when we clearly heard a CBer askling how big someone's thunderstick was! Hopefully that problem has been dealt with, but I'd not take wireless speakers too seriously till I'd had a home demo.

Saif Siddiqui

Many thanks for all the responses so far... provided plenty of food for thought.

Essentially what I think you're saying is that I need to be far more realistic in terms of what I think I can achieve from any setup I have.

To be honest I doubt very much that I will end up having all the gee whizz bits of kit to give me a 'true' home cinema setup but would definitely like to be able to enjoy my viewing time at home.

I guess the reality is that I am a luddite and nowhere near as a perfectionist as many on this forum when it comes to picture quality specifically when looking at the full end to end inputs etc... therefore were I to forgo any spending on audio kit this time round and just focus on getting as good a screen as possible what would/should that be?

In my ignorant opinion I believe that I'd still get a very good viewing experience from a 50 - 60" 1080p screen with an upscaled SD DVD source. Bearing in mind i'll be comparing this to normal SD input on a boring old 32" CRT screen. I agree that with the right inputs and bits of kit the image could be enhanced exponentially but being honest the chances of my upgrading to full HD proper is unlikely in the short to early medium term...

So, what is the 'best' screen I could get for my money which would future proof me as best as possible?

The reviewers of the LG screen on this forum are extremely happy with it - so should I try to source that one? What I'm still not clear about is the difference a 1080p screen will make in the longer term. I appreciate that a large part of the equation is my own personal perception of the PQ but at this stage I'm willing to be guided by those more experienced.

I am willing to stretch the budget to get a better screen as I'm hoping to not have to change it in the near future.

many thanks again


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