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Help Needed Please - Video Editing/Converting




I need help today if possible. I have being working on a piece of video for someones wedding for the last era and it is now complete. Tomorrow (Sunday) is their anniversary.

Using a PC with XP Pro, 1Gb Ram, AMD Athlon processor, blah de blah, loads of disc space - Using Adobe Premier Pro 1.5

The final movie did not export as MPEG2 no matter what I tried. It is two hours and 7 mins long. I tried pretty much everything.

I ended up exporting it as an AVI (aaagghhh), twice, and finally it burnt a 27 gig file. Sweet

Tried to convert is with a number of packages and they all stopped after 20 mins.

Got a copy of Super DVD Creator and left it go. Took 16 hours to convert and ended creating 12 gigs of VOB files. YES. 12. And now I'm stuck.

I need help. I'm at the end of my wits as what to do. I will complete it today no matter what. I must. I is vital. I did this as a favour for a friend so expensive production houses is not an option.

Can anyone help. Please.

All suggestions welcome.


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I can't explain what is going wrong. Premiere should be able to render out to mpeg. Note that renders to mpeg can be slow, so 16 hours to render a 2 hour video is possible. Depends on the software, the pc, if 1 or 2 pass is used, etc.

A 2 hour 7 minute video, even at max bitrate, to mpeg2 should be smaller than 12 GB... so that doesn't make sense either.

All I can suggest is try some other DVD authoring packages; such as Ulead Movie Factory http://www.ulead.co.uk/dmf/runme.htm
Feed it the 27 GB avi file and have it choose a rate to fit to disc.


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If Adobe Premiere has definitely worked for you in the past( to render Mpegs), You may want to create several mpegs by taking 30- 40 min segments at strategic parts of the video.

You can do this by rendering only between selected martk in and mark out points, gradually going thru the whole video

It may take a littlle time but it seems IMHO better than trying to work on a 27G avi,
Several mpegs representing "chapters" will be easier for any DVD authoring application to handle.
Futhermore, you are going over 2 hrs in the project and may want to consider using more than 1 DVD disc to Preserve PQ: ie split the project into "bite sized miniprojects.

I suspect your PC is being overwhelmed by the task you are giving it!

Sorry if this advice is coming a bit late

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