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Help needed please to value / sell old Star Wars toys for my neighbour


Established Member
Hi all,

Would someone be so kind as to have a look over some old Star Wars toys for me please?

My next door neighbour has asked me to sell them for her but honestly I don't really know what I'm looking at, I don't know who most of the figures are or the names of the ships etc. It's making it quite difficult to value!

It'll be listed on here for sale once I've established what it's all worth.

There's also a few old "chips" vehicles and a couple of old Transformers, pictures on there also.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !



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Nothing really of much value Star Wars wise I'm afraid maybe boba fett the best there but he looks rather well played with and Vader is ahem.naked.the ships have no boxes but look brand new looking at the stickers although the falcon is missing the cockpit cover.the other chips stuff I have no idea sry.
Although saying that I'm by no means an expert I have a collection I'm wanting to do something with but I'm unable to find a way of pricing it up.
Good luck anyway.

Unlucky Alf

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Don't think there's much of value there either. Figures and ships are all missing weapons or parts and pretty common, except maybe for the Quarren (squid headed figure) as he's one of the rarer 'last 17' vintage SW figures, I think.


I have a collection of vintage star wars and I am still actively collecting carded figures, mainly ROTJ so have a feel for their worth.
As has been said above really, However for me the only one that would be of value is C3PO if it's an original fixed limbs and he has no scuffs, it's hard to tell if they are scuffs or reflections. When I say value I mean £15 maybe £20 tops. The rest are what we call beaters and you'd be best selling them all as a job lot.


except maybe for the Quarren (squid headed figure) as he's one of the rarer 'last 17' vintage SW figures, I think.
Squid Head is not a last 17. The last 17 are;
Luke Battle poncho
Luke Stormtrooper
Yak Face - he is hot property at the moment
R2 pop up saber - he too is hot property especially if you have the saber
Han Carbonite
A-Wing pilot
Imperial Dignatory
Lando General
Imperial Gunner
The four ewoks, Lumat, Paploo, Warok, and Romba

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