Help needed please.. Optoma hd33 fan failure


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hi, please can any of you recommend where i can get my optoma hd33 repaired, or maybe source the parts needed, projector loads up perfect but after 10 mins i get a fan failure warning message and then shuts down, any advice will be much appreciated


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Do the error logs indicate which fan it is ?

You can view the error on the Service menu - On the remote use the button combination below

Press Power Off→Left→Left→Up to enter service menu

I've had two fan fail messages on my HD33 over the space of 9 months.
it actually last shut down on me on Saturday night, the previous time was 500 hours previous.

The first time it did it, I opened up the projector and cleaned it, on Saturday when it did it I just turned it back on and its since worked for another 4 hours or so with no issues. The blower fan normally runs around 2700RPM or so, but each time its failed and shut down its flagged at 758rpm

I guess somethings failing / fan speed dropping for some reason, My HD33 is on around 4500 total hours now on its 3rd bulb. I'm hoping it makes it to its 7th birthday in November !

For reference I've attached the error log from mine.

If its the blower fan which its likely to be its buried deep within the projector and looks like a pain to remove. I guess Optoma support / an Optoma dealer would be an obvious first step to see if parts are even available.

The blower fan looks to be part 3 on the parts list -

Optoma HD33 Service Manual (Page 41 of 59)
Optoma HD33 Service Manual (Page 42 of 59)


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