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Hello I'm wondering if anybody has had a problem with their arcades in Gta online I purchased the arcade in paleto Bay (pixel Pete I think it's called) to do the casino heist but one day when I logged on I went to do some more heist prep and noticed that the arcade was now covered in graffiti and all my heist prep was gone. I tried switching session but nothing changed back to the way it was and I just seem to be stuck with it like this. It's obviously a bug/glitch but my arcade has been like this for a month now and rockstar don't seem to be doing anything about it and it's really irritating me as either way I look at it if I'd have used my ceo/biker businesses to gather the money then it would have been a complete waste of time but to make it worse instead I purchased a shard card in order to get the arcade and do the heist so at the moment it has been a complete waste of my real money as I didn't even get to do the heist the first time round let alone do the additional heists. I don't think it has anything to do with my characters level as so far I'm at level 57 and the guy that tells you all the info in the park was available when I forst started the game. I'm wondering has anyone else had this problem
and does anyone know how to fix it. (I play the game on xbox one if that's any help)
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