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Help needed picking a new AV Amp


Standard Member
Hi all,

I have just recently started updating my aged home cinema setup. Having just bought a Panasonic projector and Oppo Blu-ray player I am now looking to upgrade some of the audio components.

I have a budget of £1,500 max and am looking to get a new amp so I can benefit from the Blu-ray audio and possibly a new centre speaker to get a better tonal balance with the Front speakers.

My current setup is as follows:

M&K Centre S-125C
M&K K4 Surrounds
Ruark CL20 Fronts
Rel Strata III Subwoofer

Arcam AVR100 A/V Amp
Arcam P85 Power Amp
Arcam CD92 CD player
Linn LP12 Sondek
Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player

I have been looking at the Pioneer VSX-LX52, Denon AVR 2310 and the Yamaha RX-V1900 but could really do with some help. I am just looking for the best quality amp possible with the budget I have. I will also be using the amp for listening to music too, so it needs to be good enough for both.

I was also recommended to replace my M&K centre speaker with the Neet Motive C Centre speaker, would this be a good idea or would I be better to spend the money on just the A/V amp?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I think you're going to need to spend most of that £1500 on the amp to come up to the audio quality you currently have.

I think the main contenders to audition are the Yamaha Z7, Denon 4310 and Pioneer LX82.

All are currently highly discounted and come in around the £1300-1400 mark. You should definitely demo though before buying to make sure they are up to your current system, sound quality wise.


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Thanks for the response.

Will look into those AV amps recommmended but am starting to feel after reading so many contradictory reviews and articles that I am better off just keeping my existing setup as it still sounds pretty good to my ears.


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From your set up, especially the P85, I would look at adding more P85's and then ditch the AVR100 for an AV9 or similar. I think if you like the sound you have then an AV9 will blow your socks off.

They do come up now and again second hand as do P85's at a very reasonable price.


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Sounds like the route that I would like to take as I am very fond of Arcam products but cant quite afford the higher price tag of the newer A/V amps.

It might be sometime though before either a P85 or AV9 come up on eBay, so now I must decide whether a Pioneer LX82 would be enough of a step up on the audio setup I already have, or wait for an Arcam AV9 and P85 to come up for a reasonable price.

So if I bought the AV9 would it output the treble and bass to the two P85's for better sound quality and how would it compare to say the Pioneer LX82?



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You can't get the Pioneer now that I have sown the idea of the AV9 in your mind. :devil:

Bide your time and maybe put a wanted advert in the classifieds on this forum. You will be surprised what kit will appear out of no where.

Unless you absolutely have to have it now, then be prepared to be disappointed and upgrade again in a few months time. :suicide:

You have to get enough power amps first though although you can use the AVR100 as a power amp, i think.

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