Help needed Panasonic EX85


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advice :lease:
I bought a panasonic EX85 a few weeks ago and have been really pleased with it, but the other night i noticed that there no lights showing on the front display.
I've tried the power switch on the machine and the remote, without any respnse from the machine, Ive also swapped the power lead onto my other dvd player which seeems to be working ok (so I know that the fuse in the power lead is not the problem).
Any ideas on what the problem could be? or do i just send the machine back to the supplier?


A completely dead machine? As you've done all the basic checks, I am afraid you have little choice but to send it back.

One last thing to try is leaving it unplugged for several hours, but I hold out little hope.

Just one 'silly' check: It's not in timer standby is it? ... Not that I think that would matter with this model - It should still come on.

A completely dead machine is usually pretty easy to diagnose ... Not that that is any help to you at all.
Inconvenient for you unfortunately.
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