Help Needed - Panasonic 54Z1 and HDMI/Baluns Issue


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Here's an interesting one. I've nearly completed my Home Cinema room install, everything PJ related is working perfectly. However I have an issue with my Plasma.

The Plasma is an old Panasonic 54PZ1. It features a separate "Connections Box" to the main panel. This box houses all the inputs (Scart, Component, HDMI etc) and also has the TV HDMI output. This box also controls menu access (!).

In my setup I have the Plasma wall mounted connected to Wyrestorm Baluns and then back to the AV Rack via CAT6 UTP containing the AV Receiver and the Z1 Connection Box.

So in simple terms the chain is:
Source -> AV Receiver -> Z1 Connections Box -> Baluns -> CAT6 -> Baluns -> Plasma

In the setup above the picture flashes on and off as if there is a temporary handshake issue.

If I remove the Z1 Connection Box from the chain which becomes:
Source -> AV Receiver -> Baluns -> CAT6 -> Baluns -> Plasma

The picture works perfectly. So something within the Connections box is causing an issue. I cannot leave it like this though as without the Connections Box I cannot access any settings on the TV or use the remote!

Sure I could configure the TV once and then just leave it but it's kind of restrictive and somewhat of a last resort :eek:

Any ideas? Suggestions (apart from "just watch the PJ" :laugh:)?
Regards Neil.

Joe Fernand

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Try simplifying the system to Source > Media Box via the Extender - so remove the AVR from the signal path!

Are your extenders 1x CAT or 2x CAT?



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Hi Joe,

Removing the Amp and going direct made no difference.

The extenders are 2x cat cables, entry level wyrestorms, wired with cat6 plug to plug.

Have to say we are puzzled!

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